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Department Services:


A large part of our department’s responsibility is the delivery of services related to the Capital and Housing Portfolios and below is a list of the services with links to the external organizations that provide funding/program support to those services.


Housing Services


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Section 95 Housing Program


CMHC Renovation Programs 


The Loan Insurance Program On-Reserve with Ministerial Loan Guarantee (Section 10)-


All other CMHC On-Reserve Housing Programs and Initiatives we work with – CMHC offers a wide array of other housing services that we access

Housing Inspection Services – we conduct housing inspections for community members as well as coordinate housing inspections completed by our technical service providers from the North Shore Micmac District Council


Repairs and Maintenance – the Ugpi’ganjig Housing Department also provides minor repair and maintenance services for plumbing, electrical and other housing related issues that arise through our on-reserve carpentry contractors and off-reserve plumbing & electrical service vendors.


Capacity Building – our housing department also provides educational training programs for all community members in partnership with CMHC and product manufacturers. Some of the programs that we facilitate are the basic home maintenance workshop, the builder series workshop as well as certified training for our housing staff and contractors directly from the manufacturers of the housing products that we install in new homes.


Capital Services


Asset Condition Reporting System (ACRS) – is the annual reporting system delivered through the North Shore Micmac District Council 

Contact Information: 

Mario LaPointe, PTech
Capital and Housing Manager

Phone: (506)684-6345
Fax: (506)684-6283

Phone: (506)684-6345

Fax: (506)684-6283