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Winterfest Grand Opening

February 20th, 2017

Come join us today at the Heritage Gardens as we celebrate the official opening of the 2017 Ugpi'ganjig Winterfest.  Winterfest activities will be held druing the week beginning on February 20th and ending on Friday, 24th.  The Winter fest schedules begins with an elders meal at noon time today in the elders room. The official opening of Winterfest will be held at 5pm at the Heritage Garden.  The community is invited to celebrate Krista Simonson's graduation from veterinary school.  Our 2016 clam Festival winners will be serving pizza and cake for supper.  We have an evening filled with family skating, sliding and a bon fire.  Come take a peek at the entries from the coloring contest enteries on display. If you got a craving for sweets, then come bid on the variety of cakes our little bakers have created in their kitchens.  Judging will take place tonight on the coloring contest enteries and the cake creations.  We are looking forward to seeing you tonight and throughout the week as celebrate the Ugpi'ganjig Winterfest.