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August 24, 2021


Eel River Bar First Nation

11 Main Street, Unit 201, Eel River Bar, NB E8C 1A1

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Eel River Bar First Nation

Economic Development Officer


Reports to: EDO Officer

Hours of Work:  35 hours/week

Rate of Pay: To be negotiated



Eel River Bar First Nation is currently seeking an individual to fill the position for Economic Development Officer (EDO).   The EDO is responsible planning, developing, coordinating and implementing economic development policies, strategies, and initiatives that improve the community, socioeconomic, and business development in Eel River Bar First Nation.


The EDO is responsible for continuously developing and maintaining the knowledge required to do the job by understanding, embracing and contributing to the community’s economic development plan effectively to coordinate economic development within Eel River Bar First Nation.  The EDO must be familiar with background materials and information relating to ERBFN and the pollical process demonstrating a non-political approach to communicate and foster relationships with Chief and Council, Elders, and Community Members.


He/She must use a qualitative and quantitative methods to perform continuous assessment of economic development needs, including maintaining an inventory of existing business, sector activities, and current human resource (Labour Force) in the community, as well as ensuring these initiatives and opportunities are communicated to key stakeholders.

Job Description: Adhering to the ERBFN Conditions of Employment Policies and maintaining Confidentiality at all times, the EDO responsibilities will include but not limited to:


  • Facilitate community and economic development planning in order to identify and establish economic development opportunities
    • Facilitate the community and economic development planning process
    • Establish and support an Economic Development Committee
    • Establish and support economic development sub-committees
    • Develop economic profiles of the surrounding areas and community
    • Facilitate the development of an economic development plan including vision, goals and objectives
    • Research and provide recommendations on economic development opportunities
    • Evaluate results of economic development studies and agreements and make recommendations
    • Take minutes at meetings and maintain economic development committee files and reports


  • Identify opportunities for community economic development in order to development projects and initiatives
    • Identify opportunities for community economic development in order to development projects and initiatives Identify sectoral opportunities for economic development (i.e. forestry, arts and crafts, etc.)
    • Act as a liaison between local organizations, businesses and individuals and representatives of government, business and industry concerning economic development
    • Develop partnerships within the community to develop and promote opportunities
    • Assist local organizations, businesses and individuals to take advantage of economic development opportunities and major projects
    • Assist with the development of job creation projects
    • Conduct surveys and research on market opportunities
    • Identify capital development program opportunities
    • Identify community training and development requirements to take advantage of economic development opportunities


  • Secure funding for economic development activities and programs
    • Research private and public sector economic development funding opportunities
    • Consult with industry and government representatives concerning eligibility requirements for funding
    • Prepare proposals for funding to support community economic development


  • Assist local organizations, businesses and individuals with establishing economic and community development plans, businesses and projects
    • Identify opportunities for joint ventures
    • Assist with negotiations concerning joint ventures
    • Provide assistance on preparing a business plan
    • Provide advice on market analysis and economic opportunities
    • Provide advice on product development and identification of target markets
    • Identify management capabilities and recommend training requirements
    • Determine startup costs, forecast sales and conduct a break-even analysis
    • Assist with financing
    • Assist with marketing planning
    • Conduct financial analysis on proposed business plans and opportunities
    • Provide advice on licensing, taxation and business-related requirements
    • Conduct site visits and monitor business results
    • Provide after care services such as assisting with bookkeeping, establishing cash controls and providing training
    • Maintain files and records on local businesses and economic development opportunities


  • Promote the community in order to expand economic development opportunities

Main Activities

  • Represent the community at meetings and conferences on economic development
  • Develop community and regional networks
  • Develop a business registry
  • Develop a communications strategy
  • Develop sectoral strategies to promote various opportunities (i.e. arts and crafts, etc.)
  • Develop brochures and promotional materials
  • Develop an Economic Development Web site
  • Promote the use of private sector business services
  • Liaise with industry and government representatives to promote local businesses and individuals


  • Perform other related duties as required


Requirements and Qualification:

  • Bachelors in business administration, commerce or equivalent education in the field of community economic development; or have a professional or technical aboriginal economic developer certificate.
  • Possess a minimum of 4-5 years’ experience in business or economic development- related positions, supplement by education and job training
  • Demonstrated ability to meet strategic economic objectives for ERBFN.
  • Ability to make economic core processes.
  • Proven ability in management skills
  • Able to make sound business decisions and evidence-based recommendations to chief and council
  • Effective computer skills.
  • Have a valid driver’s license AND access to reliable transportation
  • Applicants being considered for an interview MUST provide a current criminal record check prior to an interview
  • Must demonstrate strong time-management skills, organization skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and can work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent writing skills and research skills
  • Previous experience with databases is preferred
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Organizational and time management skills with the ability to set priorities, multi-task and meet deadlines
  • Comfortable with repetitive tasks
  • Ability to communicate effectively and build positive relationships


Key Relationships

  • Internal: Chief and Council of ERBFN
  • External: Community members, outside EDO’s and business partners, federal and provincial government agencies in the field of economic development, and financial institutions.
  • Budgetary Responsibilities: Manage and administer economic development project budgets on a project-by-project basis.
  • Decision Making Authority: The position is expected to make decisions as relevant and necessary to perform his/her daily responsibilities.
  • Problem Solving Responsibilities: This position requires independent problem solving within the scope and parameters of the position, and seeks the advice and direction of Chief and Council when issues fall outside the position’s area of responsibility




Closing Date: October 22nd, 2021


(All applications must include Cover Letter, Resume and 3 References.)


Please make applications to the attention of Kathy Pictou by:


E-mail: or Please submit application package in to the drop off box outside of the Band Office


Tel : (506) 684-6288


ERBFN reserves the right to amend and/or withdraw the above posting for 2021 Junior EDO


To apply for this job email your details to