Memo regarding salmon fishing tags

May 23rd, 2020


To:                  Community members

From:              ERB Fisheries Department, Office of Chief and Council

Subject:           Tags for Salmon Fishing


Dear community members;

Please be advised that the distribution of salmon tags will begin on May 29th, Tags can be picked up from Rangers. We want to note that though you are receiving the tags before season-opening, we remain firm with the chosen season start date of June 1st. We ask that our fishers respect this decision.


Our commitment to start our season on June 1st is a conservation-based decision. Currently the strongest salmon are making their way upriver to their nesting grounds and we want to provide as much time for them to pass. We as Mi’gmaq people have the responsibility of our previous and future 7 generations to maintain and strengthen the salmon population.


We want to thank everyone in advance for your cooperation and continued practice of our cultural fishing practice, we wish you all a safe fishing season.




Councillor, Ron Simonson