Ugpi’ganjig First Nation to transition to Green Community Recovery Level


July 29, 2021


Subject: Ugpi’ganjig to Transition to Green Community Recovery Level Midnight of July 30th


With the announcement from the Provincial Government that it will not be renewing the mandatory order on July 30th, the province will be transitioning to the green phase entirely as of Midnight on July 30th.

This transition will trigger the Community Recovery Plan transition for Ugpi’ganjig to transition to the green phase as well at Midnight on July 30th.


All restrictions except those listed below will be lifted:

Verbal Questionnaire

Hand Sanitizing upon entering the building

Sanitation Duties performed by the Covid Officer.

Continued use of only the main entrance to the Band Administration Building. (Canada Games Entrance will still be designated as an exit except for programs that utilized it for service delivery)


“Throughout the Pandemic, our community has demonstrated the priority we place on the health and well-being of our friends and family. We’re excited to be moving in a direction of ease and relief; however, while we are coming to the end of the restrictions, we ask that we remain vigilant in and outside of the community as we navigate the coming months.”  Chief Sacha LaBillois


Ugpi’ganjig Pandemic Response Team