Blanket exercise held at Aboriginal Heritage Gardens

Chief Sacha LaBillois speaks to the group

On the 28th of November 2019, members of chief and council and local delegates came together to strengthen the relationships and improve the understanding between our communities. Those in attendance took part in a blanket exercise.

Facilitated by Joan Milliea and Annita Boyle the intent of the exercise is to introduce the Native American perspective and the history of indigenous people in Canada to those who may be unaware, the object being to develop a better understanding of one another. Following the exercise, lunch was served and Chief Sascha provided gifts to the delegates. Those who came were Carole LeBlanc, the administrator from Rene Arseneault’s’ office; Joannie Tanguay from the Dalhousie Centennial Library who also provided free books; Joanne Levesque, the Administrator for the Village of Charlo; May Palmater, the administrator for Guy Arsenault; Nancy Savoie the Economic Development Officer for Dalhousie, Charlo, And Eel River Dundee; Donald Savoie from the Council of Balmoral; Mel Ferguson from the council of Dalhousie; Normand Pelletier the Mayor of Dalhousie; Gilles Savoie from the council of Eel River Dundee; and Lauren Hachey from the council of Eel River Dundee. Below are pictures of the exercise, Chief and Council and the delegates.