Covid-19 Update September 13th

September 13th, 2021
Dear Ugpi’ganjig families and band members;
The pandemic response team has been advised that there is one (1) confirmed positive case of COVID 19 in the community. At this point in time, we have one recovered case and one positive case bringing our total active COVID 19 cases to one (1) active case.
As of now, our current protocol remains in place. Should positive cases in the community total three (3) or more we would temporarily put operations on pause for assessment and thorough deep sanitation.
Please be assured that our buildings, buses, and operational plans include daily times to ensure sanitizing and that we are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated should we require additional safety measures.
Let’s continue to work together to keep practicing safety measures to avoid any spread of COVID 19. Although some of our adult population has been vaccinated our children are still at risk and we need to remain vigilant to protect them.
I’d also like to remind community members of our scheduled vaccination clinic on September 14th. If you still need a vaccine please contact the health centre.
Should you or anyone in your family be experiencing any symptoms we encourage you to please call 811 or go online to arrange for COVID testing.