Memo to 2020-2021 NSMDC PSE Academic Year Application Process


To: 2020-2021 NSMDC PSE Academic Year Application Process

From: Hazel Francis – NSMDC PSE Education Director

Dear Students,
All returning and new students applying to NSMDC PSE for financial assistance for the upcoming school year have to apply on-line on our website at Once you are on our website, go to Post-Secondary Education link and then to the STUDENT PORTAL where you will find the online application.

The application must be completed in its entirety before it can be submitted. It also has a list of important documents that you can upload online. All that is required is access to a computer and internet connectivity. It is user friendly! You can submit your application without the documents, but you will have to submit all of your documents at a later date to complete the application process.

Just a reminder that the application deadlines for:


Fall and Winter Sessions          June 15th

Intersessions                               April 15th

Summer Session                         June 15th


I would really appreciate it if you would apply before the June 15th deadline as it will give me time to process all the applications in a timely manner and get the budgets out to all students before the second week in July. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions regarding the application process. You can reach me at 506-627-4611, ext. 104.

Thank you,

Hazel Francis

NSMDC PSE Director
Cc Megan Wood – PSE Admin Support