Message from Director of Health regarding neighborhood watch program

Good Evening Ugpi’ganjig.

As of this evening, homes within the community would have received their colour coordinated cards for our neighborhood watch program.

Descriptions for the colour cards are as follows;

Red- I’m not feeling well
Green – Everything is ok.
Yellow – I need an item(s) ex: food, medications, cleaner.
Blue – I’m feeling blue and could use a call or a chat or FaceTime.

In the event any community members may see a colour of concern, give them a call or reach out to the Ugpi’ganjig Health Centre staff at 506-685-7047. We will be ready to assist you.

We want to encourage and promote this program to community members as we watch over each other during these times. With the participation of community we CAN reduce our risk of exposure to COVID-19.


Director of Health, Misty LaBillois