Update from Chief and Council regarding Zone 5 transition to Orange Phase.


October 10, 2020


Message from Chief to Community Members:



With the Province’s announcement of our zone moving into the Orange phase as of midnight tonight, Chief and Council see this is a crucial time to reiterate the importance of health and safety guidelines to lessen the impact of COVID-19 in our region.


Our continued vigilance was key in our success in the Spring outbreak, we now ask community members to respect and uphold those guidelines for the protection of yourself and your loved ones.


Included in the orange phase for zone 5 are the following mandatory orders:


  • Two household bubble plus formal or informal caregivers and members of immediate family (parents, children, siblings and grand-parents) is permitted.
  • Outdoor gatherings with physical distancing of 10 people or fewer are permitted. Physical distancing required in all other settings.
  • Indoor religious services, weddings and funerals of 10 people or fewer are permitted.
  • Face masks remain mandatory in all public spaces, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Non-urgent medical procedures and elective surgeries allowed.
  • Strict visitor restrictions are maintained in vulnerable settings.
  • Primary care providers and regulated health professionals may operate utilizing virtual appointments whenever possible.
  • Unregulated health professionals are allowed, however, close contact personal services such as barbers, hair stylists or spas are closed.
  • Daycares and K to 12 schools are open under strict guidance, with virtual learning to be used for at-risk populations. Day camps are allowed.
  • Post-secondary education can continue to operate.
  • Outdoor recreational activities are allowed, including campgrounds, ATV or snowmobile trails. However, no organized sports are allowed.
  • Gym and fitness facilities are closed, including other similar sport or recreational businesses or facilities.
  • Casinos, amusement centres, bingo halls, arcades, cinemas and large live performance venues are closed.
  • All other businesses, including food, beverage and retail, can operate under a COVID-19 operational plan. Record keeping for seated venues is a requirement.
  • All other zones in New Brunswick remain at the Yellow level. During this time, Public Health measures and guidelines must still be followed.




At this point our Band Administration, Ugpi’ganjig Health Centre, Band Buildings & Projects will remain open; however, they’re all subject to a strict zero-tolerance policy of any noncompliance of the COVID-19 Operational Plans within the respective buildings and projects and this is subject as the situation evolves.


We understand these changes will be an inconvenience to community members; however, the risk associated with this virus and the impacts on our health and economy can be lessened with compliance. Our primary objective continues to be the health and safety of our community members.


We want to encourage community members to limit their outings to a needs basis and to tighten their social circles to the two-household bubble for the coming Thanksgiving weekend and beyond.


I’m proud of our Council for supporting our Pandemic Team in their continued and unbroken dedication towards the best interests of our community during this Pandemic.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend.


Chief Sacha LaBillois Kennedy