Update to on-call/casual list

Ugpi’Ganjig First Nation is now updating their on-call/casual list for those in community interested in casual employment. Any individual who has submitted their resume, cover letter, and criminal check prior to Monday, July 12, 2021 will be required to resubmit their resume however, we will not require a new criminal record check that is within one year from the above-mentioned date.  Individuals must not currently hold a full- time position with ERBFN. Upon submitting your information, it will kept for a minimum of (6) months and you will be contacted based on the qualifications within your resume if any casual part-time work is required that meets your skillset.


For all NEW applicants a complete application package consists of:

Cover Letter


Criminal Record Check


Please submit your up to date information to Jena Mulcahy, Human Resource Employment Coordinator in person or by email jena.mulcahy@eelriverbar.ca

If you currently have an application package submitted over the past (6) months you will be required to update your resume.