Updates to 2020-2021 Busing Adjustments

Parents and Guardians,

The 2020 academic school year is fast approaching and the safety and secure transportation of our students is an utmost critical and important issue. The Province of New Brunswick has released guidelines for both the school and busing areas for the 2020 academic year.  Eel River Bar’s buses will adhere to the same regulations as recommended by the transportation and education ministers from the province.  We are asking to inform us by August 28th, 2020, if you as parents and guardians will be transporting your children to and from school, as scheduling and routes will need to be adjusted and factored into your decision. Given the large number of students accessing the buses for transportation, multiple runs will be made to and from the schools as well as mandatory assigned seating.


Mae Labillois’ bus. Grades K-5

1 student per seat, 2 students per seat will be permitted who live in the same household.

No masks are required.


Lewis Jerome’s bus, Grade 6-12

2 students per seat.

Masks are required

If a student is sitting alone in a seat then no mask will be required.


I can be contacted at the following avenues



Thank you

Eric Hachey